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Why we shut off your diesel engine that was left running way longer than necessary to make a delivery

--Diesel exhaust is carcinogenic, (cancer causing). 

--We won't allow our health to be endangered by your economic activities. 

--We know there are reasons why you may want to leave your engine running:
Such as keep engine oil or cab warm, preserve turbo lube, abililty
to leave on moment's notice etc.     

--Delivery drivers NEED to leave engines running. 
Starting engines after a short period causes more  
pollution than leaving them running.
However, our health and that of our children comes first. We will not allow you to assault us with diesel exhaust. This is why we shut off your vehicle that you left parked for a long period.
Your KEYS may be found in the following locations: 1. In ignition or on the floor. We are nice people. We believe that you will honor our wishes the next time you park here. 2. Somewhere under your vehicle. So that you'll take them with you in the future and not leave the engine running. 3. Gone. You've been callous and antogonistic about shutting it off and have ignored our requests before. We don't want to see you again. Hope you have spares at home. Learn from your experience. Back to the
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